Quality of Life

Easy to reach from major centres and airports, Harrismith has retained its small town intimacy, and good social climate. Crime levels are low, and inhabitants feel safe in their daily tasks.

Intabazwe township was described by the Vrye Weekblad in the dark days of 1993 as "the place where ordinary people have put the much talked about principals of power sharing and unity into practice." In spite of chronic unemployment there is a positive feeling in the communities, and a number of self help projects have been started. Many cultural activities are practised in the townships, and many groups have achieved national acclaim.

There are five high schools in Harrismith. Limited technical training is available in the town, and in nearby Qwaqwa the Free State Techikon and University of the North each have a satellite campus.

The town offers a great quality of life with lovely residential areas, good shopping, medical, religious, educational and recreational facilities. A number of service clubs are exceptionally active, and most forms of cultural and recreational activities are well represented

A number of Harrismith residents and organisations have achieved national acclaim. The most recent is a Harrismith based NGO winning a USAID tender to establish partnership for development models in the Free State.

A Zulu and Afrikaans saying of the one hand washing the other, is very real in Harrismith. Communities recognise their significant interdependence, and people work well together and demonstrate mutual respect for each other.

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