Investing Opportunities

Harrismith welcomes investors.

21 Good Reasons to Consider locating to Harrismith

  1. Safety. Harrismith is blessed with a low crime rate, residents go about their lives without fear.
  2. More hours in the day! - think of the time you and your staff will save commuting to work.
  3. Good location between the large markets of the Transvaal provinces, the Free State and Kwa Zulu Natal.
  4. Well situated for export, both via shipping, road & rail.
  5. A large local sub regional market
  6. Convenient road, rail, shipping, access for keeping in contact with people, sourcing supplies, or despatching finished product
  7. A generally lower cost base that in larger areas, ( which impacts investment cost and operating costs ).
  8. A large labour pool, which has a long record of productivity, resourcefulness, stability and pragmatism. Many of whom have had work experience in the now closed Frame factory, and can speak English or Afrikaans.
  9. Three large established industrial areas.
  10. A current over supply of commercial and industrial premises of varying sizes.
  11. Established infrastructure of supporting services, ( banks, accountants, maintenance etc.)
  12. Availability of raw materials such as agricultural produce, water etc.
  13. Opportunities for backward or forward integration with existing industries
  14. Great quality of life.
  15. Good social climate. A study by L Hunter of Wits University makes this comment, " A unique and increasingly important asset which Harrismith has to offer is peace. ". The Zulu and Afrikaans saying of hands wash each other, is very real in Harrismith. Communities recognise their significant interdependence, and work well together, demonstrating mutual respect.
  16. A culture of success. Harrismith likes to think of itself as a dynamic, astute, and caring community. A number of Harrismithers have become top performers in their fields. For example a national senator, Cheryl Gilmore and a provincial government minister Cas Human. The 1994 National Community Builder of the year was a Harrismith lady Mama Khumalo. The 1995 Black Business Man of the Year was a Harrismith industrialist, Nelson Pillay. One of the Harrismith Business Chamber's Business People of the Year was broker Hermanus Bosch, winner of numerous national and regional recognition within the industry. The Education with Enterprise Trust, aiming at developing entrepreneurial skills in the young operates out of Harrismith. The winners of the Harrismith Business Chamber's youth awards, Standard nine twins Benedict and Bernard Tshabalala run a sub regional glass fitting business.
  17. Here you will be a big fish in a small pond. You'll count for something. When you talk people will listen.
  18. Harrismith Town Council's strength in financial management, and commitment to attracting investors.
  19. Harrismith rates and service fees, compare favourably to most industrial areas.
  20. Harrismith qualifies for the full range of government incentives for new industries, which range from grants to tax holidays.
  21. The Harrismith Development Partnership and the Harrismith Municipality can assist. Please contact them.

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